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Week of Action for Justice for the People

Gualcarque Fraud Case (español AQUI)

COPINH and the community of Río Blanco have been illegally excluded from the “Fraud on the Gualcarque” case against 16 public officials. Berta Cáceres and COPINH denounced the illegal granting of concessions and licenses to install the Agua Zarca Hydroelectric Project (PHAZ) on the sacred Gualcarque River, which is linked to the murder of our compañera in 2016.

We call on national and international organizations to be part of this Week of Action for Justice for the Peoples. 


That the right of indigenous communities to denounce the violation of their rights and the access of the people to justice be respected.

To achieve that the Court admits COPINH as a victim in the case and that the process does not continue until the community of Rio Blanco, represented by COPINH, is part of it. 

How can you join the campaign?


This Monday, October 12, Day of Indigenous Resistance, join the tweet for justice for the people

You can use some of these messages: 

  • Indigenous peoples continue to fight against colonialism and extractive industries that seek to plunder peoples’ ancestral territories. It is a right of the communities to be part of the processes of justice to defend their territories.
  • COPINH was illegally excluded from the case #FraudeSobreElGualcarque, against 16 public officials accused of committing crimes to illegally impose the Agua Zarca project on the sacred Gualcarque River. @PJdeHonduras must reinstate COPINH to the case. #JusticiaParaLosPueblos
  • The continuation of the trial of the fraud case without the direct participation of the victims is a violation of the right of access to justice of the people. We demand from @PJdeHonduras the immediate participation of COPINH in the case.

#JusticiaParaLosPueblos #GualcarqueLibre

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From 13 to 18 October

  • Make a 1-minute video in which your organization shares why it is necessary for the victims of the illegal imposition of mega-projects to be part of the judicial process. Publish it on your networks, don’t forget to label our accounts, the Honduran Judicial Power and 
  • In a post, demand that the process not continue until COPINH is reinstated as a victim and labeled to the SJC 
  • Share the materials on the COPINH page.

(During the week we will be sharing the contents in our networks) 

Sign the letter demanding that the right of communities to be part of the justice process be respected:

We invite you to follow our social media and COPINH channels and demand together with us Justice for the people! 

“They have believed that impunity is eternal, they are wrong, the people know how to do justice” – Berta Cáceres.