Urgent Alert. Justice for Berta Cáceres in danger.

Recently elected Supreme Court still has not confirmed the sentences for the murder of Berta Cáceres in Honduras.

Perpetrators  seek illegal release of hitmen and  dam company executive convicted for murder of Berta Caceres.

Evidence proves responsibility for the murder of Berta Cáceres, and any decision to release convicted felons is illegal and arbitrary, and would incur the international responsibility of the Honduran State.

Eight years and two months have passed since the crime against Berta and the Honduran justice system has not confirmed the sentences of those convicted and has not prosecuted the intellectual authors.

A campaign based on  lies and falsehoods has been recently launched in Honduras with the aim of confusing the population and attempting to shift public opinion to result in the release of the murderers already convicted of the crime against Berta Cáceres.

In November 2018, 7 men were convicted for the murder, including 2 employees of the DESA hydroelectric company of the Atala Zablah family, which Berta and COPINH opposed; and 3 members of the Honduran army. In July 2021, David Castillo, General Manager of the company and principal employee of the Atala Family, who was also trained by the US Armed Forces, was convicted. Since these convictions were emitted, the Supreme Court has failed to resolve the appeals presented by the convicted felons, resulting in ongoing impunity and lack of justice for the family of Berta Caceres, COPINH and the wider Honduran society that was deeply impacted by the crime.  

The Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras must immediately issue firm sentences of the 8 people responsible so that these acts do not go unpunished and justice is upheld.

We call on the national and international community to raise their voices against these attempts to perpetuate impunity in Honduras.

Spanish: https://bit.ly/3y8oQYm