1st Edition “Arts for Berta”

This gathering of works for justice for  Berta Cáceres, is framed in the midst of a tireless struggle for the truth and living memory of those who defend our Mother Earth.

We met Berta Cáceres fighting for nature and ancestral territories, the rights of indigenous peoples, women’s rights, fighting against colonization and imperialism, weaving solidarity networks around the world; and we want to remember her in this way, creating multiple ways to challenge the powers and defend life. For this reason we call creators to the artistic contest “Arts for Berta” in order to color the living memory of our comrade from the multiple ways in which she taught us to fight.


Berta Cáceres and Honduras.
Berta Cáceres and indigenous peoples.
Berta Cáceres and the search for justice.
Berta Cáceres and the care of the commons.
Berta Cáceres and the defense of rivers.
Berta Cáceres and the re-foundation of Honduras.


Plastic and graphic arts.

The works may be: painting, drawing, illustration, engraving and works with mixed techniques in two-dimensional format.

Participation in this contest is free of charge. There is no age limit. 

Individuals may participate. 

The proposals must be self-authored and must not have participated in any other contest. They cannot be published until the contest is over and the results are published on COPINH’s web pages. After the awarding of the prize, participants may use their work as many times as they want or need.

The copyright of each work belongs to its creators. But they must remain at the disposal of the diffusion of the Berta Cáceres Cause.

The works will be evaluated under the following criteria:

– Development of the concept and message.

– Originality.

– Composition, harmony, balance and use of technique.

– Representation and handling of the theme. 


1. The author of the photograph has no age requirements to enter the competition. 

2. The maximum allowed number of entries per person will be 1 (one) photograph.

3. The photograph may be taken with any type of camera, since what will be judged is creativity and innovation in terms of photographic composition. Photographs taken before the dates of the contest may also be submitted. Other audiovisual media will not be considered.

4. The photograph must be submitted in PNG format, with the dimensions of the participant’s choice. The resolution of the photograph must not be less than 150 dpi or more than 300 dpi.

5. The photograph may not include excessive editing or montage, such as texture filters, blurring or similar. Color and luminosity corrections are allowed.

6. The participant must send a photograph to the e-mail copinhpi@gmail.com with a technical file that includes the name of the author of the photograph, copy of identity, telephone, city, e-mail, name of the photograph and description of the photograph. In the mail should be placed in the subject: The NAME and LAST NAME of the participant followed by – “Arts for Berta”, example: Marcos Laínez – “Arts for Berta”. Entries will be received until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 21, 2021. 

7. Photographers retain the copyright of the photograph. COPINH reserves the right to publish the contest entries in its different platforms and publications. By participating in the contest, the participant acknowledges that the photograph may be used by COPINH for knowledge products and dissemination of information. COPINH will state the name of the person to whom the authorship belongs in the reproductions and online of the works.

8. Participation in the contest implies the acceptance by the author that if his/her photograph is the winner, it will be published in the media and digital platforms at national and international level. COPINH assumes that the authors of the photographs have the authorization and/or permission of the persons who appear in the photographs submitted (in the event that the photographs are composed of persons), with all responsibility related to the right to privacy falling on the author.

9. Participation in the contest implies acceptance of each and every one of the contest rules.

Entries that do not comply with these guidelines will not be considered.


1st place: 200 $ USD
2nd place: 125 $ USD
3rd place: 50 $ USD

Deadline: Sunday, March 21st


Infraestructura y Desarrollo: CódigoSur